Friday Coffee with PJ: Special Mid Morning Edition

Hope you have enjoyed your morning cup of coffee by now. I just finished my third and I think I am finally awake enough to share a few thoughts with you.

1. My wife had her post-op appointment yesterday. Although it is too early to tell if the broken femur is mending, the surgeon was positive about what he was seeing on the x-ray. Sharon will go back in four weeks at which time x-rays should be much more telling. Please pray for the mending of this bone (to help this along, Sharon will not be able to put ANY weight on her leg for at least the next four weeks). In addition, she will resume physical therapy next week to start working on motion in her knee. Would appreciate your prayers for her along that line as well. Sharon and I have found much comfort in our understanding that even though this caught the two of us by surprise, it did not catch our God by surprise. He has a plan for us and he is actively working that plan. Knowing this has helped us keep our sanity .. and our faith! There are no better hands to be in than those of our almighty and compassionate Creator and Father!

2. In the midst of this violent world, where people so coolly and calmly kill others, it is a comfort to know that Christmas is all about the birth of the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). Jesus Christ offers to us peace WITH God (Romans 5:1). He is able to do so because on the cross he died to pay the wage we owed God for our sin and rebellion against him. Therefore, Jesus is able to offer us forgiveness for our sin and new life in HIM! This is something only he can do (Romans 6:23). He also offers to us the peace OF God. This is promised to us as we, clothed in the righteousness of God, take all of our needs to the Father in prayer. When we do this ... we will experience an inner peace ... even in the midst of the turbulent world in which we live (Philippians 4:6-7). There is one final peace that Jesus Christ offers, but this is still future. It is the universal peace that will one day reign upon the earth. Jesus Christ will usher in this peace as he begins his reign as King of kings and Lord of Lords (Isaiah 9:7; Revelation 21:4). So as you celebrate the Christmas season ... rejoice in Jesus the Prince of Peace! Are YOU experiencing the peace he gives?

3. Recently my youngest daughter wanted my wife and me to see how her kids were learning about God using the little book, My First Book of Questions and Answers (I highly recommend this little book!). Kate looked at her two year old and asked, "Who made you?" "Gawd" little June replied. "And why did God make you?" my daughter asked. "To bwing gwoly to him," June answered. So far so good! Then Kate asked, "June, who is in heaven?" Without hesitation June responded, "God, Jesus and Santa Clause!" OK. She got the idea of the trinity down, but a bit off on the identity of the third member!  If you are a parent with young children, it is never to early to start teaching your children the truth of God's Word. Remember, your kids are not yours. They have been loaned to you by their Creator. So train them in the way they should go! That's your responsibility and joy!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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