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Friday Coffee with PJ

Today is Friday ... so that means another cup of coffee (or whatever your favorite cup of brew might be ... but on a cold morning like this, I sure hope it's hot!) and a couple of random thoughts for your spiritual growth!

1, Yesterday I heard a report about Americans and their lack of effort in the area of cyber security. In spite of the data breaches that we hear about every day, most people are not following the advice of security experts to change their passwords every so often and to stay away from the really simple passwords that people use. The reality is that few ever change their passwords and almost always use very simple passwords (which I get because it is downright frustrated to get locked out of an account because you can't remember your password). But how simple are these commonly used passwords. The most common is "1-2-3-4-5-6." The second most common - "password." Ouch. Mine, at least, are a bit more difficult than that!

As I think of this…

"You've Had a Rough Go of It!"

The words I chose for the title of this post were spoken to me yesterday by my orthopedic doctor. It was said in the context of me telling him why I came in a week earlier than originally scheduled (my original appointment, scheduled for next Tuesday, was preempted by the need to have a surgical procedure related to my kidney stone attack back in September - which, by the way, had pushed my biceps surgery back a week). Dr. Dragann remembered the week delay. And then he said, "You've had a rough go of it!"

Well ... I am not going to complain. For the first 58 years of my life, among the MANY times I have been in hospitals, only twice was I there as a patient - two trips to the ER for stitches, both in the head -- no comments please! :) So I am grateful to God for His goodness to me across the years. And now, for reasons known only to him, I have had a "tough go of it!" And it isn't over yet! As a result of the bicep surgery, apparently when my arm was posit…

Friday Coffee with PJ

I apologize for being a bit absent from my blot of late. Just a bit busy. So glad our staff is reading Kevin DeYoung's excellent book, Crazy Busy together. I sure have needed what he is writing!  So ... now that I am back ... and since it is Friday ... pour yourself a cup of your favorite brew and join me for a couple of random thoughts.

1. With winter half over (meterological winter runs from Dec. 1st to Feb. 28th.), I can begin to relax a bit. With my arm still in the healing phase, I am still limited with what I can do with it. One of the limitations is "no snow blower!" So I am very thankful that to date, our snow fall has been minimum. I do realize that many of our heaviest snow falls come in February. I hope this February will be an exception! But as we are presently in "mid winter" it strikes me as to how quite it can be outside. In just a two months ... the birds will be filling the air with their mating calls and songs. But right now, there are few ch…

Happy New Year 2015

Change. As we welcome yet another year, change is already knocking at the door of our lives. All of us fear change, and how it may rock our world. But change does not have to be unwelcome. We all could use a healthy dose of change! Here's a quote from a former pastor of mine and a prolific author. Take a moment and read through what he has to say. And then take another moment to pray about it. You will be better for it.

"We all fear change, of course. It makes us anxious. But change is precisely what we need. If we are spiritually moribund, we need to be brought from a state of spiritual death into a state of spiritual life through the gospel. If we are lethargic in our discipleship, we need to be awakened to the glories of a renewed life in Christ. If we are indifferent to the spiritual state of others, we need to be alerted to their peril apart from Christ and be moved to take the gospel to them." (James Montgomery Boice)

Thanks, Dr. Boice, for those challenging words. …