Post Surgery Update

Out with the old .... in with the new and then some! That pretty much sums up my wife's surgery this morning. The surgeon removed the knee prosthesis that was implanted during her original knee replacement of September 4, 2015 and replaced it with another one. He also inserted a rod in her femur for stability and and another smaller rod below the knee as well. In addition he removed the hardware used to repair her broken femur of November, 2015. Finally, he excised a lot of scar tissue from the original surgery and polished her knee cap (and removed the remaining cartilage - gluing a plastic "button" in its place). He was very optimistic that she will be able to "do well" once she recovers from surgery and gets through her physical therapy. She is resting comfortably now (the nerve block is good for about 12-18 hours), I anticipate a Wednesday discharge.

Thanks for your prayers and thanks for stopping by . . .


Unknown said…
My oh my. Praying for her full and successful rehab and healing. Blessings...

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