Friday Morning with PJ

Friday morning? Friday Coffee with PJ! Thanks for joining me today over a cup of coffee to read a few random (and I hope, thought provoking and faith strengthening thoughts). 

1. This past Tuesday saw one of the largest March snow falls on record for these parts. Here in Willow Street (just south of the city of Lancaster, PA), the snow turned to sleet for several hours. This kept the snow accumulation down. So instead of the foot and a half of snow which areas just to our north and west received, less than a foot of snow (9 inches maybe) covered my driveway (except for the foot and a half deep snow drift just outside my garage door). Now for me this change from heavy snow to heavy sleet was a good thing. When I was a kid, I loooooooooved snow! But now, as an adult who is responsible to remove it from my driveway and make calls as to whether or not to go ahead with Sunday services when inclement winter weather strikes ... a snowless winter sounds quite appealing! Interesting how as the years progress, our likes and dislikes change (among SO many other things which also change!). In contrast, our God never changes (James 1:17). This means that all that he is today ... he was yesterday and will be so tomorrow! Is he holy? Always! Is he merciful, loving and gracious? You can count on it! Is he faithful to all that he has promised? Absolutely - yesterday, today and forever! I don't know about you, but I find great comfort, joy, peace, and stability in knowing that our God is immutable (theologian talk for unchangeable). No wonder the writers of the Psalms used the figure of a rock to refer to God (Psalm 18:2, Psalm 62:7, etc.)! So when the changes of life swirl around you, reach out and anchor your soul to the Rock that never changes! You will be glad you did! 

2. Occasionally I run across thoughts someone has expressed that really resonates with my mind, heart and soul. The words below, written by an African pastor did just that. I thought you all might benefit from reading his words.  

"A Christian can never rise higher than his experience of God. God is infinitely profound. As one hymn writer has written, he is an immeasurable sea without a shore, a blazing sun without a sphere. When engulfed in his presence, whom thousand and tens of
thousands of angels worship day and night, the soul can only lie in the dust in adoring wonder. This profound knowledge brings eternity to bear on the soul of a believer so that everything in his life is judged from eternity’s perspective. How one spends his time and money, how one enjoys his recreation, how one relates to believers and unbelievers, how one handles his work—all these are subjected to eternity. The great Day of Judgment is never far from mind" (Conrad Mbewe).

After reading this, I had to stop and ask myself about my view and experience of God. I must admit that I all too often allow the stuff of this world to eclipse God's glory and the reality of eternity that is to come. As I thought about that, I asked myself, what can I do to stay better focused on God and the reality that, in Mbewe's words, he is "infinitely profound?" After thinking about this question, I decided that I would pull out my trusty copy of J.I. Packer's classic work, Knowing God. When I first read it as a college sophomore some forty years ago, it radically changed how I veiwed God. I plan to read through it between now and Easter. I can't help but think my view of God will be much sharper as a result! How about YOU? What one step can you take that will help you to see God more clearly? 

3. Finally, as I am sure you have heard, today is St. Patrick's Day. So who was this man? Check out Steve Nichols insightful article about this fascinating man of faith. 

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