Happy New Year 2015

Change. As we welcome yet another year, change is already knocking at the door of our lives. All of us fear change, and how it may rock our world. But change does not have to be unwelcome. We all could use a healthy dose of change! Here's a quote from a former pastor of mine and a prolific author. Take a moment and read through what he has to say. And then take another moment to pray about it. You will be better for it.

"We all fear change, of course. It makes us anxious. But change is precisely what we need. If we are spiritually moribund, we need to be brought from a state of spiritual death into a state of spiritual life through the gospel. If we are lethargic in our discipleship, we need to be awakened to the glories of a renewed life in Christ. If we are indifferent to the spiritual state of others, we need to be alerted to their peril apart from Christ and be moved to take the gospel to them." (James Montgomery Boice)

Thanks, Dr. Boice, for those challenging words. And thank YOU for stopping by, 

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