Friday Coffee with PJ

There's not a better way to wake up then with some freshly brewed coffee in my cup ... or should I say "cups!" I just can't stop with one or even two cups. Three seems like the perfect number for me! So ... pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and join me for a few random thoughts.

1. Next month will mark twenty years since I began to teach as an adjunct in Lancaster Bible College's degree completion program for adults (the program is now called Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees). I teach in this particular program for several reasons. I enjoy teaching (and learning from) adults. The format fits my busy schedule well (each course is taught once a week (Tuesdays from 6-10pm) for five weeks). For the past few years I have been teaching three courses each year ... Apocalyptic Literature, The Pentateuch, and Christian Narrative 1. Teaching at the college keeps me sharp which helps in my own teaching and preaching ministry at Grace. One of the big blessings of teaching at LBC occurs when I happen to run into a former student. This occurred recently as my wife and I were dining out at Olive Garden (across from the Park City Mall). This particular student had been called to pastor a local church just six months ago. He shared with me his excitement about the opportunity God had given him. He also thanked me for the role I had played in equipping him for his pastoral ministry. As he walked away, I silently thanked God that he uses someone like me to encourage others as they seek to serve Him! That "crossing of paths" made my day! God wants to make your day as well . . . so who are you seeking to influence for Jesus Christ?

2. Later today I will have the honor of officiating at a wedding ... just as I have done so many times before. Across the course of the past several months, I have met with this couple, equipping them, I hope, with the tools they will need to experience the intimate marriage God wants them to enjoy. During the ceremony I will do what I have been doing for  years ... and that is to offer them the same advice that I have offered to countless couples before them. Someone once asked me why I chose to basically give the same message at every wedding. I responded, "I want couples to actually remember what I said to them. I also want to be able to remember myself. That way, when I see the couple down the road, I can ask them if they are putting into practice what I encouraged them (from God's Word) to do in their relationship with one another." I guess you could call this practicing accountability. It seems to work well ... and as my Dad often told me, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

3. As you well know, life doesn't always go as planned. Those of you who have visited my blog in the past may recall that my wife underwent a total knee replacement back on September 4th (now six weeks ago). On Wednesday her surgeon was concerned with the stiffness in her knee which, he said, is being caused by scar tissue. He told her that in three weeks, he will reexamine her. If she has not progressed sufficiently in bending and straightening her knee, he will perform MUA on her knee (Manipulation Under Anesthesia). Knee stiffness after a TKR (also known as arthrofibrosis or "stiff knee syndrome"does impact a very small percentage of patients. It appears that my wife is now a member of that small exclusive club! The physical therapist is talking about using a brace that may help her get to where she needs to be (and thus avoid the MUA). Please pray for my wife. Your prayers are very meaningful (2 Co 1:1; Acts 12:1-19) and much appreciated!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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