Friday morning coffee time ... or better said ... Friday morning coffee with PJ time! I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I have writing them! And I most certainly hope you enjoy your coffee!

1. I ran across a new word this week. It's the word "phubbing." The word is actually short for "phone snubbing," This occurs when you ignore someone in favor of your phone. A few years ago I was being phubbed and didn't even know I was being phubbed! But I did know that I did not like the process! I was having a lunch meeting with someone (at his request, not mine). At least a dozen times in the 30 minutes or so that we were lunching "together," his phone would vibrate as it laid on the table. He would excuse himself, read and then respond to the incoming text. I don't think I need to tell you how that made me feel. Let's just say I have not had lunch with him since! SO ... have you been phubbed lately? Perhaps you have been the one doing the phubbing? I must admit that all too often I am guilty of doing this with my wife. She's talking ... I am checking my twitter feed. Ouch! I really do need stop it. I think I will make a stop at  Maybe I can find some tips on stopping this unhealthy practice! Remember ... if you don't want to be phubbed ... then stop phubbing others (see Matthew 7:12)!

2. On Monday I was cutting my lawn for the first time in well over a month (reason: I returned home from the beach in August with a bad back. It took a that long for it to heal enough for me to get back to walking behind my mower - mine is self-propelled!). I was about 90% done when I had to stop the mower in order to pick up a fallen branch from one of my birch trees. After doing so, I returned to the mower and pulled the start cord. "Rumble, rumble, cough, cough, silence." No matter what I tried ... the same response. The mower would not cooperate (and NO it was NOT out of gas!). Even the next morning I got it out and tried starting it ... but no go! SO, I loaded it into my van (with help) and drove it to the repair shop around the corner. I must admit I was a bit frustrated (OK ... more than "a bit"). After all, I had just bought the mower in the spring! But no matter how new or old a piece of machinery is, breakdowns are sure to come. The same can be said for us. We can breakdown physically or emotionally. When this happens, we need to head off to see the appropriate professional for help. But we can also breakdown spiritually. When this happens, we need to go to the one who created our soul ... Jesus Christ. He himself issues us the invitation to come to him when we are burdened ... and he will give us rest (Matthew 11:28-30). So the next time you feel like you are falling apart ... then you need to come apart (from all your busyness) and spend some time with the One who loved you enough to die for you! 

*Note - I just got a call from the repair shop. The governor spring had fallen off the engine. Cost of repair? $22! 

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