Friday Coffee with PJ

It's Friday morning ... so pour yourself a cup of hot coffee and join me for a few random thoughts.

1. During my junior year in high school, I joined the school choir. I did so not so much out of a love of music and singing (although I enjoyed both). But I joined because I noticed there were a lot of cute girls who sang in the choir! Ha! One of the songs I remember singing was a song whose lyrics contained these lines: "Snow, Snow when are you falling? Snow, snow none of your stalling. Autumn's gone and winter's here, it's just about the time of the year you knowwwww, for a wonderful snowwwww!" As a high school student I just LOVED a big snow storm (I am guessing some of you know where I am heading with this!). But fast forward time to the present. As an almost 60 year old pastor ... the LAST thing I want it to do this weekend is SNOW!! And certainly not in the abundance that is being forecast for our area (somewhere between 12-18 inches with the word "blizzard" appearing in the Saturday forecast!). Not only do I have to "make the call" concerning Sunday morning services ... but I also have to dig out my driveway. SOOOO ... all that to say I wish snow would stall until June! That said, at the end of the day, I must yield to the providence of God (providence is the truth that a sovereign God has a plan and he is working that plan). And yes, the providence of God even extends to snow fall (see Job 37:6). Somehow, knowing God is making the call ... makes it all easier to accept!

2. Yesterday I did something that I have done many times before: officiate a memorial service. For Christians, memorial services are bitter-sweet. Bitter as family and friends gather to say "goodbye" to the one who has died, knowing there will be an indefinite time of separation from the one they loved. But sweet knowing their loved one is in a place that is better by far than the best this world could ever offer! But ... this is true only for those who have genuinely embraced the gospel and received Christ as the one who came to seek and to save the lost (John 1:12-13; Luke 19:10). How about YOU? Have you made the choice to follow Jesus? Check out Two Ways to Live: The Choice We All Face. 

3. Finally, a quick update on my wife. Nine weeks after the surgery to repair her broken femur, she got the green light to begin to put weight on her leg. She still must be careful and she is still using her walker and wearing her brace. But this is the first step on her final (we hope) leg of her journey toward getting back to a somewhat "normal" life. We cannot say enough about the love and support showered upon us by our church family at Grace! If you are reading this and our a part of our family, THANK YOU so much! You are truly learning what it means to "one another one another!:

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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