Friday Coffee with PJ

Today is a special edition of Friday  coffee with PJ.  As I write these words I'm sitting in a hotel room in Warsaw, Indiana which is best known as being "the orthopedic capital of the world!" So am I here to pick up some new knee or hip joints that are manufactured here? Hardly. Right  next door to Warsaw is Winona Lake. WL  is the home of Grace College and Theological Seminary.    Since 2006 I have had the privilege of serving on the board of trustees of Grace Schools. I am glad to do so for number of reasons. Not only am I an alumnus if Grace, having earned my doctor of ministry degree in 2003, but Grace Schools are affiliated with the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, of which my church us a member. Two years ago our board made the unheard of decision to lower the cost of our tuition in an initiative we labeled "The Measure of Grace." In addition to lowering the initial tuition cost, students see their tuition decrease by $500 each successive year. To top it off, students also receive free text books (which students quickly discover are not cheap!

So all this to say (and I dare not leave out our accelerated degree options in which a student can earn a bachelor's degree in three years and a bachelor's and master's degree in four)... If you know of a young person looking to get a Christ-entered college education that will prepare them to live out their faith in their vocation and need to encourage them to check out Grace College. In years when many schools like Grace are seeing decling enrollment, Grace is on track to realize a fourth consecutive record enrollment in this upcoming fall. To God be the glory!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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