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Fridays keep rolling around ... and my coffee cup keeps getting filled to the brim with various brews of coffee (none of which are flavored by the way ... I mean, I like coffee so why disguise the taste, eh!?). So pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee (and if you must drink a flavored brew ... just don't tell me!) and join me for another edition of Friday Coffee with PJ. 

1. Back on November 1st of 2015, my son Tim and his wife Kelly welcomed their third child and first boy into their family. Logan Ryan Smith had a smile on his face from the get go. And most times it's still there. Just last week our son was telling us about the reception he gets from Logan when he walks in the door after a day
Tim and little Logan
at the office. Logan squeals with delight and runs to him with arms outstretched that shout, "Pick me up, Daddy!" It is beyond obvious that Logan has been eager to see his dad return to the house. That, my friends, should picture how we as believers are waiting for the return of Christ. Consider Hebrews 9:28: Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him. Pastor, theologian, author (and one of my mentors from afar), John Piper, writes the following about this eagerness that we as followers of Christ should possess as we think about his return:

There is a phoney faith that wants only escape from hell, but has no desire for Christ. That kind of faith does not save. It does not produce an eager expectation for Christ to come. In fact, it would
rather that Christ not come for as long as possible, so that it can have as much of this world as possible. But the faith that really holds onto Christ as Savior and Lord and Treasure and hope and joy is the faith that makes us long for Christ to come. And that is the faith that saves. 

So take a long hard look at YOUR faith. Does it cause a desire deep in your soul that moves you to often pray, "Come, Lord Jesus!" (Revelation 22:2). 

2. My wife continues with her recovery from her January 9th revision surgery (see post from that date which details the extent of the surgery). The past week and half have not been easy as the pain level with the revision has proven much greater than with the initial knee replacement. Throw in a minor speed bump with the pain meds she's been using and she's been dealing with some periods of intense pain. On the positive side, she has obtained almost 15 degrees more in her bend post op as compared to pre op! That in spite of the massive swelling around the knee. Sharon has had three visits from a physical therapist with another scheduled for tomorrow. She begins her outpatient therapy next Wednesday, with the post op appointment with the surgeon next Friday (for removal of staples, x-rays and evaluation). Thanks so much for all of you who have prayed ... and please don't stop! Both Sharon and I appreciate your prayers more than you know. 

Thanks for stopping by . . . 

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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