Friday Coffee with PJ

Friday has once again arrived. So pour yourself a cup of your favorite java and join me for a few random thoughts that I surely hope will be of help to you as you seek to walk with Jesus! 

1. Sin. Confession. Forgiveness. All extremely important. None get the press they really should receive! Let's face. All of us sin (Romans 3:23). We say mean things to others when angry. Our motives are often tainted with the desire to elevate ourselves. And who among us can say that we are ALWAYS loving God with all we have and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves (the two great commandments - Matthew 22:37-40). Just this week I read an excellent article that provides excellent insights into this often overlooked area. Reading Keeping Short Accounts is well worth the investment of your time!

2. This coming weekend, we are encouraging our church family at Grace to fast in order to spend some quality time in prayer. The working definition of fasting which we are using defines fasting at "the abstinence from anything which is legitimate in and of itself for the sake of some special spiritual purpose.” Most often fasting involves abstinence from eating, but we are encouraging people to fast from media (unplugging in this digital world can be quite refreshing and will lead to having more time available to purse God. If you would like to learn more about this often ignored and little understood spiritual practice (which, by the way, Jesus assumes we will do as his followers!), you can listen to my Sunday message of last week. When was the last time you fasted in order to strengthen your walk with and your faith in God? 

3. Sharon goes for her post op appointment with her surgeon later this morning (during which she will get her staples out! - I think I will leave the room at that point!). She had her first outpatient physical therapy session on Wednesday. She came out of that in pain but encouraged. Both of these appointments are significant steps on her journey toward getting her knee/leg back into somewhat normal shape! Thanks for all your prayers and support. And please don't stop! We have a ways yet to go! 

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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