A Few Moments with a Friend!

On the first leg our our journey home from Naya Akola, India, we made a stop at Prakash Institute in the city of Nagpur. In the past few years, Children's Fellowship of India has sent a number of boys to Prakash to learn a trade (Computer Operation, Welding, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Electrician are the four courses of study opened to boys). On all four of my trips to India, I have had the privilege to share God's Word with the male students. It has always been a joy.

In addition to preaching, I had the opportunity to briefly reunite with a pastor friend I had made during my last trip to India in August of 2010. Promot might be short of stature but he is long on love for others and for God. He lives and serves in the city of Nagpur. I have met few people who can beat his smile (don't you agree?). 

Promot has not had an easy life. He grew up in an orphanage and, when it was time for him to get married, he was often stymied in his attempt to find a wife. Most women did not want to marry a short orphan whose design in life was to be a poorly paid pastor! But in spite of his "shortcomings," God provided a beautiful wife for him and has used him to further God's kingdom there in that spiritually dark land. 

When Promot saw me last week, his face broke into that engaging smile of his as he embraced me with a huge hug. What a way to end my time there in the heart of India! As you celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday, be sure to let those whom you love KNOW that you love them. Show them ... tell them! It is sure to make their day! 

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