Today is D Day (Departure Day!)

As I stumbled out of bed this morning it hit me – today is the day we leave for India! At that, thoughts began to flood my mine. Thoughts like: “Goodbye nice comfy bed!” “Now what important, vital-to-life item did I forget to pack?” “I’m really going to miss the Fam!” “Do I really want to go to INDIA?” etc., etc., etc. By the time the fog in my mind cleared and the thoughts began to subside I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror. I looked at my reflection. My reflection looked back at me. Together we smiled – yes the day that had been set for our departure was here! All the praying, all the planning, all the prepping is now complete. It's time to "hit the trail!"

As I think about this trip I am grateful for a number of things. I am grateful for the group from Grace who will be accompanying me (see the prayer list). I am thankful for Philip Dongre. I have met few like him. His passion for Christ and the children of Children’s Fellowship of India is contagious. I am grateful for the opportunities I will have to teach God's Word and serve the children and staff of CFI. I am also grateful for the joy of being able to preach at a local Indian congregation.  I am thankful for our church family here at Grace and their generous support for our India ’13 team – both in the giving of their finances and the ongoing prayer support - not to mention the boxes of clothing given for the boys! Finally I am thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If He had not extended his grace to me when I was a teenager, I am not sure where I would be today. But I am sure where I would not be – and that is on a plane to travel to the far side of the world in service for Jesus Christ!

Would you do me a favor and pause right now and offer a prayer for our team, the people whom we will serve in India (both children and adults) and our families we leave behind? Thanks for your prayers. James tells us that “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). Thanks so much.

This will be my last posting until I get “back in the saddle” during Thanksgiving week (Yep, Thanksgiving Day is only a few weeks away!). 

Thanks for stopping by . . . and thanks for praying for us!

Trip Itinerary:

Nov. 10 - Depart Dulles 9:55 pm (via United)
Nov. 11 - Arrive Frankfurt 11:45 am; Depart 1:15 pm; Arrive Bombay 1:35 am (via Lufthansa)
Nov. 12 - Depart Bombay 6:40 am; arrive Nagpur 8:00 am; van to CFI, arriving 12:30 pm
Nov. 12-20 - Ministry on campus of CFI and in nearby vicinity
Nov. 20 - Van to Nagpur; depart Nagpur by plane 8:40 pm; Arrive Bombay 10:05 pm
Nov. 21 - Sight see Bombay
Nov. 22 - Depart Bombay 3:25 am; Arrive Frankfurt 7:45 am; Depart Frankfurt 11:25 am; Arrive Dulles 2:30 pm

All times posted are local times. Frankfurt is 6 hours ahead of Lancaster County. India is 10 1/2 hours ahead.

The Team:

Pastor John, Janet and Teddy Long, Brian, Pam and Josh Fulmer, Milly Shepherd, Gary McMullen, Maryann Torino and Philip Dongre, Director of CFI and his wife, Somyalata.


- For all members as we share devotionals with both the staff and children of CFI
- That we would encourage the children and staff as we strive to serve them
- For cultural sensitivity on our part
- For unity among our team
- For safety in travel
- That we would point many to Jesus
- For Pastor John as he preaches at
- For good health
- For God's blessing
- For grace to handle the unexpected

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