Black Friday . . . Cyber Monday

We have just come through what has to be the most hyped shopping extended weekend of the entire year. Every where I looked (newspaper, internet, television, etc.) I was being bombarded with info about sales, sales and more sales. And this year ... the weekend actually got off to an even earlier start with many stores actually opening up Thanksgiving evening.  All this shows just how "consumer-driven" we have become! If you ask me ... I find it all a bit disturbing.

Well ... with that said, I must confess that I did do quite a bit of shopping - I mean, if you can't fight them ... then why not join them? Yes? (I know, some of you are thinking right now, "PJ, you are such a hypocrite!"). Now ... let me say a couple of things in my defense. First off, I did not do any shopping on Thanksgiving Day! In addition, I let my fingers to all the walking as I shopped (i.e. - I did cyber shopping only, not that this is better ... just the way I decided to go). Finally, I did not buy one item for myself or any family members. Every purchase I made I plan to donate to our church's student ministries' auction which will be held on March 1st. I bought them now because I got some really good deals. And you know ... I was really getting excited about some of the great deals I was buying. The Lord Jesus was right on the mark (which he always was and is!) when he said, "It is more blessed to give than receive!" (Acts 20:25).  I cannot tell you how blessed I felt buying in order to give it all away!

In this season of giving and receiving .... look for a ministry to bless with a gift. They will be benefited and YOU will be blessed!

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