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As you heard me say before, one of my regular devotional books is The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions.  Much has been written and said about the Puritans. Some deserved, much not. But one thing I know about the Puritans - they knew their God!

The other day, as I was praying a prayer in the book, it really struck me that we, as the Church, have become very man-centered in our praying. Our prayers are filled with "me" and "I" ... and often, very little "God." Take a moment and read through this prayer and I think you will get my drift (no pun intended with the snow swirling outside!).

The All-Good

Thou has helped me to see, that whatever good be in honor and rejoicing, how good is He who gives them and can withdraw them; that blessedness does not lie so much in receiving good from You and in You, but in holding forth Your glory and virtue; that it is an amazing thing to see Deity in a creature, speaking, acting, filling, shining through it; that nothing is good but You, that I am near good when I am near You, that to be like You is a glorious thing: This is my magnet, my attraction.

You are all my good in times of peace, my only support in days of trouble, my one sufficiency when life shall end. Help me to see how good Your will is in all, and even when it crosses mine teach me to be pleased with it. Grant me to feel You in fire, and food and every providence, and to see that Your many gifts and creatures are but Your hands and fingers taking hold of me.

You bottomless fountain of all good, I give myself to You out of love, for all I have or own is Yours, my goods, family, church, self, to do with as You will, to honor Yourself by me, and by all mine. If it be consistent with Your eternal counsels, the purpose of Your grace, and the great ends of Your glory, then bestow upon me the blessings of Your comforts; If not, let me resign myself to Your wiser determinations.


Wow! Now that is God-centered, Man-humbled praying! May we learn to pray this way!

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