The Great Mystery of Christmas!

On my recent trip to India, I was struck at how much easier it had grown to be in touch with my wife. On my first trip in 2006, my only way to communicate with her was to go into the nearby village of Naya Akola and use a public phone. This past trip, not only could I talk with her via a cell phone, I could also easily text her from my own smart phone. Technology had come to central India making communication almost instantaneous. Even though home was almost half a world away ... it seemed like it was right next door!

As we approach the Christmas holiday (only one week and counting!), we must be careful not to lose sight of what the Christmas holiday is all about: that some 2000 years ago, the Living God became a living man in the person of the baby born to Mary in Bethlehem. Think about that (and I guarantee you that no matter how long and how hard you think about the incarnation, you will NEVER get your mind wrapped around it!). The Apostle Paul, in referencing the incarnation of Jesus Christ, used the words "great indeed is the mystery of godliness" (1 Timothy 3:14-16). In the person of Jesus Christ, God himself came to live "right next door!"

So ... take a moment ... today, tomorrow, next week on Christmas Day itself, and wonder in worship as you reflect upon the reality that in time space history .... the Almighty God became one of us! And he did so to ultimately die for us! Hallelujah! What a Savior!

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