Friday Coffee with PJ (Health update)

Well, the week got ahead of me again. So instead of Friday morning coffee with PJ this will be a special evening addition. Coffee is just as good at night (decaf) … At least in my book! Enjoy!

People keep asking me how my rehab is coming along in the aftermath of my biceps tendon repair surgery. I have been doing some, but the more aggressive rehab has been a bit delayed by a new development. At my rehab session on Monday, the physical therapist, as he was working with my very stiff wrist, asked me, "was there anything wrong with your wrist before the surgery?" I quickly responded with an emphatic "No!" So I asked him if this degree of wrist stiffness was common with this type of surgery. He told me it was not. So that really got me thinking. So Tuesday morning I called the orthopedic office. I talked with the admin assistant to my doctor, and by the end of the day I had a prescription for a steroid and an appointment to see the doctor today. At that appointment, they took a couple x-rays of my wrist and hand. The results showed that I apparently have Ulnar Impaction Syndrome (even after reading the definition, I am still not quite sure what it is… I only know that it hurts!). The doctor is not sure why it flared up at this point. He said it's possible that it's due to the way they had to position my wrist during the surgery… But that's only a guess on his part. Of course as I told him, starting this whole surgery following a week of battling a kidney stone, I'm not surprised that something else has raised its ugly head! As a result of his diagonsis, I received an injection right in the sore spot of my wrist. Painful ... Yup! But I am hopeful that this will relieve a lot of the pain and stiffness so I can get on with my rehab for my surgical repair (which the doctor did check and said it is looking very good!) 

My wife recently asked me if there was a verse from the Bible that I was looking to for strength. I told her there was not a specific verse but rather a specific concept. And that concept is the providence of God. I believe the Scripture teaches very clearly that God is sovereign. He is in control of all things. He has a plan for the human race… And that includes me. So all that's been happening lately is all part of his plan for me. And as Romans 8:28-29 indicates, God is at work in even the hard things of life for my good (and His glory!). Of course "my good" is to become more like God's son Jesus Christ.

When you think of me, I'd appreciate your prayers. I want to go through this process in a way that brings glory to my king!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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