A Wonderful Staycation

Last week, I enjoyed a week off. But unlike most of our vacations during which we spend at least some time away from home ... this time we were at home for the entire week.  The reason we took a "staycation" was due to my arm and my wife's knee. That might sound a bit strange. But I had some scheduled physical therapy to go to ... and my wife was scheduled to undergo an MRI on her knee, with a follow up with the orthopedic later in the week (at which she received a cortisone injection and returns for another evaluation in 6 weeks). But in between those health related appointments, we did manage to have a great time of kicking back and getting some down time (and spending some extra "quiet" time with God).

Among other things, we enjoyed one meal with a group of friends and another with my twin brother and his wife. We finished our Christmas shopping while browsing the shops of East Main Street in Lititz. We checked out our son-in-law's new district office (also in Lititz), saw a play in Allentown (which was directed by a close family friend), and capped it all off with an afternoon/evening at Longwood Gardens ... which was all decked out for Christmas. All in all ... my wife and I graded our week an A+!

But now ... I am digging out of the pile and playing some catch up. The priority for my week (among all the meetings I have scheduled) is to edit and then memorize my script for Sunday morning's The Scribe's Tale. This is the fifth in a series of dramatic monologues that I have been doing the Sunday before Christmas here at Grace Church (the others include, Joseph's Tale, The Innkeeper's Tale, The Shepherd's Tale, The Camel Driver's Tale, and The Spice Seller's Tale - the latter was done for Easter). I would very much appreciate your prayers as I prepare ... and if you are in town, please stop by at either 9:00 or 10:30. We would love to see you!

Thanks for stopping by . . .

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