Friday Coffee with PJ

It's Friday ... and I am on vacation this week. So ... just a brief thought for you to dunk in your
favorite cup of Joe.

It has sure been refreshing seeing the daffodils bloom and hearing the birds greeting each day with a concert of song. After a lllooonnnngggg cold winter, there's nothing like the warm breezes of spring! It took some time getting here, but we all knew that it finally would arrive. How so? Because spring always follows winter. It is something we can count on. Something else we can also count on is God and his faithfulness to his promises. This is a reality we must remind ourselves of constantly. Life is hard. And sometimes it's harder than other times. When we are in the midst of life's "hardness" ... it is all too easy to give way to fear, anxiety ... and even worse. It's at these times especially that we must cling to the promises of God. Doing so has a way of driving the worry from our hearts and minds. But you must KNOW the promises God makes in order to cling to them. SO ... how well do you know the promises of God? What are you doing to get to know them better?

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PS - If you would like to begin a daily journey of learning or being reminded of the many promises of God, check out the Daily Promise Blog.

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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