Please Continue to Pray for the Central African Republic!

Although the C.A.R. is no longer being mentioned by the U.S. news media (not that it ever was all that much!), this does not mean that all is well in this war torn African nation in the heart of the African continent. Here is a recent update from someone who was recently in that country.

"Currently in the country there are armed robberies in areas where the rule of law does not apply, mounting arrears of salaries and student grants, mortuaries overflowing with dead bodies--all these ingredients are there for explosive, social upheaval. The precariousness  of every day existence is leading to promiscuity. Pray that GOD’s grace will abound during these times of uncertainty in the Central African Republic."

Thanks for praying ... and thanks for stopping by . . . 

PS - If you want to pray for a leader in the Central African Republic who is striving to make a difference, please check out the Friends of CIDEL website. 

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