"Monkeying around" with Our Past!

Over the past decade, researchers (from such well known and respected academic  institutions as MIT and Harvard) have completed some extensive DNA analysis of humans and chimpanzees.  According to the Associated Press, as a result of their research, these researchers have concluded “that humans and chimpanzees first split up about 10 million years ago. Then, after evolving in different directions for about 4 million years, they got back together for a brief fling that produced a third, hybrid population.” Concerning this research and its conclusion, Harvard professor of anthropology, Daniel Lieberman writes, “It's a totally cool and extremely clever analysis.”  I have a much different evaluation of their work.  How about this? “It’s a totally laughable and extremely foolish analysis.”

But this sort of thing should not surprise us.  Humanity has been trying to write God out of our history and our origins for a long time.  God (in Romans 1) tells us that humanity has been striving to suppress God’s truth and exchanging God’s truth for lies for quite some time.  One of the biggest lies humanity has bought into is the lie that we were not created by God – but we have arrived at where we are today via a lot of natural processes working together in ways we do not yet understand (these processes are known as evolution).  In my mind it takes a lot more faith to believe in the evolutionary process than to believe an intelligent Being (God) designed and then created the universe.  How about you?  In whom will you place your faith?  Charles Darwin (the originator of the evolutionary theory) or God?  I think I will take my chances with God!  

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PS - If you want to read more about this from a creationism view point, click here

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