Friday Morning Coffee with PJ: Special Morning Coffee Break Edition

Most weeks, I get this post written actually on Thursday. With this week being Vacation Bible School Week, my regular schedule went out the door (not my work ... just the times I utilized to "git er all done!"). So here I sit at my computer, on my second cup of coffee and already thinking about the third! Thanks for joining me this morning ... If a bit later than usual!

1. Well as I said, this week is our VBS week at church. Since in my ministry I don't get a lot of time working with kids, I always look forward to this week. It's what we call "The Best Week of the Year!" I can't tell you how great it is to see all these kids learning about God, His Word, and how much Jesus loves them (so much, he gave HIS life for them!). I also am thrilled to see the large number of adults and teens who serve. I am amazed at how we are able to pull off a morning VBS! So if you are a parent or grandparent who has faithfully brought your kids, thank you for trusting us with them. And if you are a VBS staffer, thanks for caring enough to give of yourself. It is indeed a tiring week! And if you are someone who has been faithfully praying, please don't stop! Unless the Lord is in this, all our efforts will come up empty (as far as eternity is concerned!) - see Psalm 127:1.

2. Sunday I will be saying goodbye to a new and good friend. For the first time in my 35 years of preaching and teaching the Bible, I have been teaching on Sunday mornings through the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Therefore I have tackled several chapters I have never preached on before. I

must say, handling some of these got me a bit anxious at times! But I have learned a lot in doing so ... and I trust the church family has benefited as well. So Sunday .... when I am done preaching ... I will be able to say ... "That's a wrap!" And I hope it will be a God-honoring, faith-building, commitment solidifying one at that!

3. Some of you might be wondering about my son (I have blogged some earlier posts on him). As you might or might not recall, he underwent a colon resection surgery for his diverticulitis on Friday, May 1st. What was supposed to be a 3-day hospital stay evolved (yes, there is s time when the use of this word is appropriate!) into a 3-week stay. When he was released, he returned home about 39 pounds lighter and with a pic line in his arm. One month later, he is seeing some significant improvement. His pic line was removed this
week and the surgeon gave him the go-ahead to drive. Even though he still has a way to go (the surgeon also told him with what he went through, it may take up to a year before he is the whole way back), he is feeling so much better. Thanks to ALL of you who prayed, brought meals, sent cards and notes! And thanks be to God! Yes ... LIFE IS HARD, BUT GOD IS GOOD!

Well ... gotta run. VBS is about to start! I think I need a vacation! Oh, guess what? I'm vacating next week! If I get a chance, I may still write a brief Friday Coffee with PJ post, so check back next Friday!

And thanks for stopping by . . .

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