When Waiting Is Good!

Last evening I had to make an unplanned run to the grocery store. We were on the verge of running out of milk and I could not allow that to happen. Since it was rather late, I figured the store would not be crowded and this could be a quick errand. Yes and no! Yes, the store was not busy. But since there were not many shoppers in the store, there was also not many registers open either. So ... I picked what I thought would be a quick moving line ... oops, wrong one. So I moved over to another. While standing and waiting I glanced over at the line I was previously in . . . and you probably guessed it. If I had stayed put I would have been on my way out the door! 

I don't like lines. And I would guess neither do you. We all can tend to be very impatient.  Our culture is a culture that is focused on tasks.  We like to get things done.  Think about it.  What is Nike’s slogan?  “Just Do It!”  Most of us would rather be doing than waiting.  And that can have a negative impact on our walk with God.  The Scripture is filled with passages that talk about WAITING UPON GOD (see Psalm 130:6; Isaiah 40:31).  Waiting on God is not an optional spiritual activity.  It is necessary for us if we are going to grow in our relationship with Him.  I encourage you (and I am speaking to myself, too!) to SLOW DOWN and learn to WAIT UPON GOD.  It is one wait you don’t want to lose out on!  

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