How Do You Spell Relief?

Friday evening my wife Sharon and I went to the Lancaster Barnstormers game at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Soon after finding our seats, a Barnstormer employee found my wife and asked her to participate in one of the between innings activity that they do each game. So rather reluctantly (my wife does not like to be the focus of attention - especially in a large crowd) she agreed to participate. So after the opposing team batted in the first - it was the Sharon Smith show! She got to play a version of "The Price Is Right." She had to pick the four digits of the price of some fancy dishwasher. Her pick was $1375 and the actual price was $1495 (must be a dishwasher for a restaurant at that price!). So did she win anything? I think she came away with a $25 gift certificate to some kitchen appliance place and a certificate for a free set of knives from the same establishment. But most of all she came away with a HUGE feeling of relief that her ordeal was OVER! I also reminded her that at least she did not have to go out and run around the bases with a big tooth brush - which is often one of the things they do!

This morning as I prepare to teach from God's Word, I will begin an eight Sunday series of messages on sin. And right now, just as my wife experienced relief after her "time in the limelight" was over, I too am feeling relief. In what way you might be wondering? I am relieved that the sin that I have, am, and will continue to commit has been cared for at the cross. When Jesus died he paid the price for my sin that a holy and righteous God demanded. And now I can rejoice in the truth of Romans 8:1 which reads, "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

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