Microwaves Are Great - Usually!

One night last week I was really hungry and for supper we were having one of my favorite meals - leftovers! (and it helped that the leftovers included turkey - I love turkey!). So I piled my plate high with turkey (and veggies, of course) and then placed it in the microwave. I hit the 2 minute tab and hit "start." When the buzzer sounded, I took the plate out all ready to dig in. But Houston, we had a problem! In spite of being nuked for two solid minutes, the food was still refrigerator cold. Hmm. Microwave must be on a wrong setting. So I checked the micro out and tried again . . . and again the results were the same - cold food. The micro was BROKEN! And I ate a cold turkey dinner (still, I must a admit - a cold turkey dinner is still enjoyable in my book!)

Now although I did not expect our microwave to break down, it did not surprise me that it did. Things like microwave ovens break. It is part of the package of life. They break and either we get them repaired or we get them replaced. No big deal. But what do we do when life breaks down and we feel broken beyond repair? Unlike a microwave we can't go out and order a replacement self! This is when we must turn and focus on our Maker. God knows us through and through. He knows what makes us tick. And when we are struggling, He knows exactly the whats and the whys behind our brokenness. What does it mean to turn and focus on God? For starters, we must get into his Word. It is through the truth of Scripture that God will change us and begin to "repair" us. As we get to know and understand God's Word AND then begin to apply it in our day-to-day living, God works his "repairs" in us! Sometimes, though, our brokenness is so deep and we are so shattered, we need someone to help guide us through the process. Sometimes a good trusted friend is enough, but other times a pastor or counselor is needed. But whatever the case, the follower of Jesus never has to be hopeless. For the God who began a good work in his child will finish it (see Philippians 1:6).

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