Back from the Beach. . .

OK. Why does "Vacation Time" pass by so much more quickly than "Standard Time" or "Daylight Savings Time?" Well, here I am back in my office after four great days at the shore with the fam. We had a great time! Bonding time with family cannot be overestimated! If you have not spent some quality time with your family lately - I highly recommend you stop whatever it is you are doing and get something on your calendar! My wife and I, our son and daughter and their spouses simply put "had a blast!"

In fact, there were only two real "downers" during our time. The first was missing our oldest daughter and her fiance who were unable to be with us this time around. It would have been all the better if the whole family could have been together. The second downer occurred during the first hour we were on the beach on Friday. My son dove into a wave and in the process, the turbulent ocean waters ripped his wedding ring off his finger and swallowed it. Despite immediate and extensive efforts on our part, I am sure you are not surprised that our search came up empty-handed.

I am sure my son is not the first to have lost a wedding band in the waters of the Atlantic. But knowing that brought little comfort to him. But all in all, he handled the loss very well as did his wife. There marriage is strong and growing - and at the end of the day that is really what matters most! If you are married, how is your marriage? Too many marriages are stale at best and on the verge of divorce at worst. I hope this is not true of yours. Remember to keep Jesus Christ at the center of your marriage and make your relationship with your spouse THE priority relationship in your life (after your relationship with God, of course).

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