A Happy Fourth of July to YOU!

I guess this week was a week of weddings ... not only did my daughter get married but so did many others. Among these "many others" were none other than Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross! These two colorful figures of our American past tied the knot in front of Philadelphia's Independence Hall last evening. The mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, officiated. OK, so it was not actually old (and by this time he would really OLD!) Ben and flag maker Betsy who were married but Ralph Archbold and Linda Wilde who are the actors who have been portraying the two historical figures for many years (for Ralph it has been some 30 years that he has been walking the streets of historical Philadelphia as Ben!). After the ceremony, Ben and Betsy (a.k.a. Ralph and Linda) rode off in a horse drawn carriage. Their final destination was the historic City Tavern, the site of their reception. It was there some 200 plus years ago that Franklin dined along with such notables as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (of course, it is hard to imagine the real Ben and Betsy marrying each other, considering Ben was some 45 years older than the seamstress!)

All in all - it makes for a fun story (By the way, the two met when Linda hired Ralph to give a wedding toast for a friend in character as "Ben." Little did she know she was getting more than a wedding toast!).

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