Learn to Listen!

Gordon MacDonald, in his thought provoking book, Ordering Your Private World, wrote the following which grabbed my attention when I first read the book many years ago:

"My intellectual organization began when I learned to listen. For someone like me who enjoys talking, listening can be a challenge. But if a person is not a listener, he denies his mind a major source of information by which to grow."  (Ordering Your Private World, pl. 125).

MacDonald goes on to list several steps we can take to become better listeners (which, by the way, is something God wants for us - see James 1:19). Among these are the following: learn to ask questions, listen to mentors, and listen to our critics (the last is definitely the most difficult!).

So let me encourage you to implement this advice. You will be better for it ... as will those whom you are seeking to serve!

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