Crisis in the Central African Republic

It was September of 2007. That's the month when I first met Dr. Augustin Hibaile. Born in the Central African Republic, he is a leader among his people. In fact, his leadership expands well beyond the borders of his desperately impoverished country.

I write these words with a heavy heart. My brother and his family (as well as the rest of his people) are facing a growing crisis. Rebel groups are advancing on the capital. The government appears unable to stop them. At this point, it is hard to say who will win this battle. Regardless of the outcome, the lives and properties of Augustin and his family are very much at risk. They have no place to run .... no where to flee for safety. Please take a moment and read the following email I just received (early morning hours of today, Friday, December 28th). And then, get on your knees and pray for him, his family, the church in the midst of this violence that is unfolding.

Greetings in a difficult situation,

The USA Embassy in Bangui was closed and the Ambassador and staff were evacuated according to RFI broadcasting this morning. France said that their military is here in Bangui only for the French people and the interests of France in CAR. That means there is no concern about us. In such circumstance we are wondering what to do, where to go? With a big family, I don't really know what to do. We are staying at home in the main entrance to Bangui lifting our eyes to God and waiting the salvation that comes from him.

We are encouraged by your motivation in prayer on our behalf. We need such support and God's intervention in a way above our understanding. We will keep in touch with you when it is possible.

With love in Christ
Augustin and Marie Helene Hibaile

Thanks for praying for my dear friend! 

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