Thursday A La Carte

Back this week with this Thursday's a la carte offerings in hopes you might find something that will spur you on in your faith journey!

1. Here's an interesting read on why God loves us! 

2. You've heard about the fiscal cliff. The Gospel Coalition gives insight into this issue and the implications for you and non-profits.  And here is a video that visualizes the size of the U.S. debt.

3. John Piper reads his poem, The Innkeeper. 

4. What Do You Long For? Here is a very brief, but very powerful post!

5. Whenever you see the word "Christmas" spelled as "Xmas" - do you really know what that is all about? R.C. Sproul offers insight in his post, What Does the X in Xmas Mean? 

6. On a lighter note . . .  (which if you are a Tolkien fan, you will really enjoy!)

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