Now That's Honesty!

Back in late November, an Austrian bus driver with the Vienna Transport Authority, checked a bag on his empty bus that a passenger had left behind. When he looked inside, he was stunned. There, in neatly stacked 500 Euro bills was the equivalent of a half million dollars! The driver handed the money over to police who tracked down the owner (an unidentified elderly woman) and returned the money. As of  yet, the driver has heard nothing from the woman ... no word of thanks, no "Hey here's a Euro for your trouble!" Nothing!

Now ... I would guess that if I had left that amount of money on a bus and had it returned to me through the honesty of a bus driver, I would think I would do something to show my deep appreciation (of course, it's quite hard for me to imagine having that much money to "lose" in the first place!). However, I have been given something far more valuable than a half a million dollars ... and that is the eternal life I enjoy in Christ. Yet how often do I fail to show my appreciation to the Giver of this gift? Far too often, I am afraid!

Join me in spending some time THANKING GOD for the gift of His Son! And if you have never embraced the Son (John 3:36; 1 John 5:12), you may want to read about Two Ways to Live: The Choice We All Face. 

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