Friday Coffee with PJ

Well its the day after the Fourth . . . and many of you may very well be off from work again today. Whether you are working today or kicking back . . . here are a few thoughts to go with your morning cup of joe!

1. Back in 2004, while traveling with my son in Arizona, we spent a night in a small town called Prescott. Earlier this week, that little town was in the national headlines . . . and not for reasons the town would have chosen! Unless you have been off the planet, you know what I am talking about. Earlier this week, nineteen elite firefighters from Prescott were killed when the blaze they were battling turned on them. USA Today calls it "one of the worst wildfire disasters in history." Our hearts go out to the families of these firefighters ... many of whom left wives with young children behind. We also remember the wider community of Prescott, which is reeling from this loss. One reality that this tragedy should drive home to us is that none of us know how much time we have left on this earth. These guys were highly trained and very experienced. No one saw this coming. Yes, one or two deaths perhaps. But nineteen?  So, friends, please remember to pray for the families that these brave men have left behind and the community of Prescott, but also take some time to evaluate your own life. Are you ready to meet God? If you have any doubts, check out Two Ways to Live: The Choice We All Face. 

2. This weekend we are welcoming a group of 31 high schoolers known as Operation Barnabas. OB is a summer ministry sponsored and coordinated by our Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, and more specifically, C E National (the CE standing for Church Effectiveness). Once the team arrives, they will hit the road running! Friday evening they, along with our students, will be doing street evangelism in downtown Lancaster (this Friday is a "First Friday" event). On Saturday they will be doing some work on our facility, visiting a nearby retirement community and conducting a children's program at a nearby campground. Then on Sunday morning, they will be heavily involved in leading our two worship services. So when you think of Grace Church at Willow Valley this weekend, I would appreciate prayer for the ministry of the Operation Barnabas Team as they come to town!  Thanks!

3. Finally ... a quote that seems appropriate as we head into the weekend.

"The Christian's life should put his minister's sermon in print." (William Gurnall)

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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