In my daily devotional reading today of The J.I. Packer Classic Collection, he writes of one of his greatest laments of the past few decades. As I read .... I thought to myself ... "Stop hammering me with that sledge hammer, J.I.!" But ... there are times a good whack or two on the head is good for our souls! Here's what he wrote:

"Often in recent decades I have found myself publicly lamenting the way in which our Western culture has indulged unwarrantably great thoughts of humanity and scandalously small thoughts of God. Our time will surely go down in history as the age of the God-shrinkers. The result is that belief in God's sovereignty and omniscience, the majesty of his moral law and the terror of his judgment, the retributive consequences of the life we live here and the endlessness of the eternity in which we will experience them, along with belief in the intrinsic triunity of God and the divinity and personal return of Jesus Christ, is nowadays so eroded as to be hardly discernible. For many in our day, God is not more than a smudge." 

What J.I. writes here is something that is little, if ever heard in our "God is love" day and age (and I am talking about within the evangelical church!). Yes, God is indeed love ... but he is also HOLY, HOLY, HOLY (Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 4:8). We can ill afford to lose sight of that!

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