In Spite of Us!

This morning, as I was reading in J.I. Packer's Classic Collection, J.I. really got me thinking. Here's what he wrote:

"God does use us. He uses us right now in spite of our flaws. he is a kindly God and uses flawed people as a part of his regular agenda. No matter how conscious we are of our own limitations, shortcomings, and sins, we may look to God to make us of us again - and in his great mercy he will." 

Packer is right on the mark! God does use us, warts and all, as he carries out HIS plan! Wow! What a God! Indeed, this truth should be a great encouragement to us all as we seek to live for HIM. However, if we are not careful, this reality could become a "cop-out" to striving to live a holy life. After all, if God is going to use me in spite of my shortcomings and sin . . . then do I really need to strive for personal holiness? The answer: ABSOLUTELY! As Packer points out, "we must seek to get and keep our lives in a shape that will glorify God. That's not easy. It means fighting our sins, disciplining our thoughts, changing our attitudes, and critiquing our desires." 

So this week ... as you rejoice in knowing God can and WILL use you to honor and glorify himself IN SPITE OF your flaws ... also determine to trust God to continue to mold you increasingly into the image of Christ as you "strive for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord" (Hebrews 12:14).

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