Beware of Living Life in "Selfie Mode!"

Last evening our Life Group spent a delightful evening cruising the Susquehanna River. The mild weather and calm surface made for one smooth ride. Eagle sightings, an assortment of taste bud tickling snacks and a boat full (literally!) of laughter made it a night to remember.

At one point, the quiet of the river was interrupted by the horn of a coming train. I quickly whipped out my phone to video tape the train for my grandson, John. He is one four year old who is in the midst of a passionate love affair with trains. But .... what happened next is downright funny. Take a look.

Now as I reflected on what I did ... it reminds me of how we so often live life. Instead of focusing on God and others (ala the Two Great Commandments - Matthew 22:34-40), we focus on SELF. Yep! So true. The default setting of our broken, twisted, fallen, sinful humanity is to do just that. Selfishness is not something we must learn ... it just comes naturally! So just as I was trying to capture a video of a passing train ... I had the camera focused on me. As you can hear Gary state in the background ... I was still in "selfie-mode!"  

Friends, beware of living your life today (and everyday) in "selfie mode!" Instead live for God and for others! You will be better for it ... and God will be honored by it! 

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