Friday Coffee with PJ

Now that I am back from the beach ... it's time for a cup of coffee and some thoughts from here and there.

1. Just heard yesterday that the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting the upcoming winter to be a very cold one. That is certainly something I really don't want to hear! I am hoping that the Almanac is wrong on this one! But, time will tell. And if it turns out to be a very cold winter ... well, we will just have to deal with it. But when it comes to relationships, there is no excuse for us to be "cold" toward others. In fact, based on what Scripture teaches us in this arena, love is to characterize our interactions with others. So ... as you go about your day, even if you are having one of those horrible, no good, downright nasty days...don't take it out on those around you. Rather offer to all a warm smile that flows from a loving heart!

2. One of my greatest frustrations with my smartphone is the poor battery life. Almost without exception, before I reach the end of my day, I have already reached the end of my battery! And of course, no juice in the battery .... no use of the smartphone! And what is true of smartphone batteries, is also true of our lives. As we go through our days ... facing the challenges that come with the package of life ... we often start running out of "battery." Our eyelids become heavy. Our feet begin to throb. And a weariness can settle like a wet blanket over our souls. Just as experts encourage a brief "power nap" to increase productivity, you should also consider a five minute "soul-break." To do this, simply grab a verse or brief passage from Scripture, read it ... and then pray it. You will be amazed at the lift you will experience in your soul!

3. As I think about the time I spent last week at the beach ... I just have to smile. Spending 7 days and nights under one roof with our three children and their families has etched a number of heart warming memories on the walls of my mind. It also reminded me of the importance of relationships and how we must make the effort to invest in the important ones in our lives. That means spending time (and quality time at that) with those who are important to us. So ... take a step in that direction today. Turn off the TV. Sign off your computer or tablet. And spend some REAL face time with someone you love! You (and they) will be better for it!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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