Friday Coffee with PJ

1. In yesterday's blog post, I posted a video of what happened when I tried to shoot a quick video of a passing train. I mentioned that my one grandson just LOVES trains. Last summer, as my wife and I paroused the gift shop at Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA ... we spotted the perfect Christmas gift for our grandson. A DVD of trains taking the curve. At one point in early January, our daughter Kate told us that she and her husband were growing quite tired of the DVD as grandson John insisted on watching it every night for his evening "show!" I was reminded of this because yesterday she sent us a video clip of John yet again jumping up and down as he watched the trains taking the curve!  Wow! If we could only love God with such intensity! 

2.  Given the turbulent world in which we live, I find much comfort in these words of C.H. Spurgeon.   No matter what trial might happen to crash into our lives, we can find encouragement knowing that the God who sent his very own Son to die for us ... is the very same God who controls the ebb and flow of human history ... right down to the details of our lives. Wow! That is a powerful, life altering truth. Embrace it and you will find rest even in the midst of life's storms! 

3. During last week's visit to Washington, DC, my wife and I traveled into the city and around the city using the DC Metro. Five different lines service the capital. Now granted, it can be somewhat intimating if one is doing so for the first time. But using the map of the system really does make it simple to get from where you are to where you want to be. But read the map wrong ... and you may very well end up heading in the wrong direction. God gives us a map for life. It is called the Bible. As we use it to navigate through what is often a confusing world, we can get to where we want to go (and I trust that is where GOD wants us to go!). Of course, to use the Bible as our point of reference, we must be in it ... and then we must interpret it properly before applying it to our lives (2 Timothy 3:14). This month at Grace Church, we will be wrapping up our summer sermon series which is all about using the Bible correctly. I hope you can come out and join us at either 9:00 or 10:30 AM! 

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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