Please continue to Pray for the Central African Republic - God Is at Work!

The new transitional government of the Central African Republic is doing its best to move forward. But the obstacles in its path are many and great. In light of this, I am so thankful for my friend and colleague, Dr. Augustin Hibaile and his work among government officials. Please take a moment to read his most recent email (dated August 24th) and then PRAY for him. God is opening doors to him and I am sure, knowing this man as I do, that his greatest desire is to serve them by pointing them to Jesus Christ. Thanks for caring enough to pray.

Greetings from Bangui,

We prayed for news members of the transition Government of the Central African Republic to be appointed. Almost 13 days after the New Prime Minister was appointed by the President of the State, 30 men and women were appointed last Friday to lead the different departments of the Government until a democratic election in 2015.

Among those Ministers of the Government, five are known to me. I just called two of them, one who is a Professor of the University is now the Minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of the University of Bangui. He was pleased to receive my congratulation. Than he said to me, "I am sure that you put me on the list of your prayer, because I need wisdom to lead the department I am in charge. I will use the leadership principles you and Pointman Leadership Institute have taught me. My cabinet is wide open for you to come and strengthen my skill in leadership." He even reminded me on the example of me showing the picture of my wife on the screen during the Pointman leadership explaining my engagement in
marriage, where I said that I always has the picture of my wife in my wallet and think of her often when I travel. He said that he never forget that example and want to follow my example.

The second one I taught with today is an  Inspector of Finance former General Director of the Departement of Finance. He is a Deacon of one of our Grace Brethren Churches. He asked me to go and pray with him just after he will begin his new role.

Please pray that doors will be opened for me to minister to those key leaders in this critical time our country is going through. Those Ministers will be in favor of the Government leadership seminar I would like to organize before the √©lections.

Last Friday, I met with the faculty of the University to set a date for the ceremony where my organization will honor some students who have been in small groups to learn on developing their habitude and attitude of leadership through the book of Dr Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders who have been one of our speakers during the students leadership conference in Bangui in 2012. September 27 will be a great day for that event. Please pray that the ceremony will bring a great impact on the students and give my organization to create more small groups.

Thanks for partnership with me in the great ministry God calls me to do even in a very difficult environment.


Dr. Augustin Hibaile 

To stay connected with Augustin's ministry, visit the Friends of CIDEL website. 

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