A Journey Unforseen and Unenjoyed!

This past Sunday morning began like most Sunday mornings. I climbed out of bed, shaved, spent a lot of time on my hair, dressed and headed for my office. Little did I know the day would be anything like a routine Sunday morning.

All was proceeding as planned (at least as per my understanding of the plan). But, I didn't know the real plan! As our worship service began, everything took a turn that I had not seen coming! Unknown to me, the church staff had been planning for several months a surprise 25th anniversary celebration (to think I was only 33 when I came as lead pastor at Grace!). It was a day my wife and I will always cherish, knowing that those whom we have ministered to over the years love us as we in turn have (and continue to) love them! So ... many thanks to ALL who came, served, planned, gave, etc. to make the day so special. I trust God was glorified as I know without HIS grace in our lives, we could never have accomplished anything of eternal value in our service for Him!

Now, what most don't know about Sunday is the fact that I was in pain. It sprung up in my lower back, left side about mid morning ... uninvited, unexpected, and at times, very distracting. I had no idea what it was. By Monday noon, the growing pain level led me to go see my family doctor. He suspected a kidney stone(s). He gave me a pain med prescription, told me to drink a lot, scheduled a CAT scan for the next morning, and sent me home. By Tuesday late afternoon, I received the results of the CAT scan. It showed no kidney stones. Hmm. Then WHAT was causing the pain? I made an appointment to head back to my family doctor for today. I never made it. By about 5 PM yesterday (Tuesday) I had my wife drive me to the local hospital's emergency room. Five hours, three tests and a lot of laying around later, the ER doctor informed me that I did indeed have a kidney stone. SO ... before sending me home a nurse gave me an injection of some good old powerful pain med (in my buttocks ... I have not had that done since I was a kid!). Ahhh ... quick relief from the pain. Before I knew it I was home and sound asleep in bed

This morning I awoke to no pain (except for the injection site in my buttocks!). So immediately I got excited, thinking that tomorrow's surgery would be a go (to repair a torn distal biceps tendon). That
excitement did not last long. My family doctor threw a huge wet blanket on it! He told me that just because there is no pain, that does not mean no stone! It may have just stopped moving. SOOO ... he told me NO SURGERY tomorrow! Instead, I need to start on a round of antibiotics, drink a flood of water each day, and have a follow up ultrasound and x-ray on Monday. If those are OK ... he will approve the surgery, which I am hoping can occur on next Thursday.

So when I reflect on these past few days, I think of the old intro to ABC's Wide World of Sports Program (first 15 seconds or so). This week has contained a savory taste of the thrill of victory and a some of the agony of defeat! But in it all ... God is in control!

Thanks for stopping by ... and thanks for your prayers for me. I appreciate it more than you know!

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