Encouragement Needed ... Encouragement Received!

In the last six days I have undergone five tests ... all related to this kidney stone episode that I referenced last week. The two tests I had done yesterday (ultrasound and x-ray) showed no sign of the kidney stone! Yes! So I am now cleared for my surgery, which will take place this coming Thursday morning. I never thought I would be excited to undergo surgery! But it has been a looonnnggg time coming and this extra week of delay has just made the wait seem all the longer!

Yesterday I attended the memorial service for a dear saint. Jeannette served the Lord faithfully for many, many years. Her service, written and planned entirely by Jeannette, was a testimony to God's grace at work in her life. On the back of the program was a prayer she had written back in the 1970's. God spoke to me in a powerful way through a couple of  her lines. Jeanette wrote,

I choose to ... acquiesce in Your will even though I don't always like it, rely on Your promises even when they look impossible, and trust Your providence even when I don't understand it. I yield to your sovereignty all that I am and have; do with me as You will. 

So ... how did God speak to me? When I read those words, I was just two hours away from my appointment for the two medical tests I had to undergo. The results of these tests would determine whether or not my family physician would give me the green light for my surgery. Jeannette's words reminded me that I was firmly in the grip of God. He in his providence has a plan for me. This plan included when I would undergo the surgery. So this beautiful reminder from the pen of Jeannette was used of God to settle my heart and bring peace to my soul.

Thanks, Jeannette!

And thanks for stopping by . . .

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