Tomorrow's Not Just Thursday ... It's D-Day!

Not MY doctor at work!
One-hundred and fifty-three days after injuring my left arm, I will finally begin the path toward healing. It was on April 19th that I took advantage of a warm spring Saturday. The mountainous pile of branches left over from the winter's fury had to be broken down and bagged. I had planned to commit about an hour and a half to that task (for I also had the lawn to cut and some other outside things to get done). Not sure if I lost track of time or just got excited to see the pile begin to shrink in size. Whatever the case, I worked too long. The repetitive nature of the task eventually resulted in tearing my distal biceps tendon of my left arm. So for the past five months I have had varied amounts of pain in my arm ... depending on how I was using it. Even though I am not exactly looking forward to the surgeon doing what he is going to have to do ... I am looking forward to taking this step toward the repair and restoration of my torn tendon in spite of the pain it will bring.

Now my doctor is not some sadistic surgeon who can't wait to cut me in order to hurt me. Not at all! He will take his scalpel in hand and do his thing in order to heal me. God often does the same with us. Yes, God does bring trials our way. Not to hurt us ... but to grow us (see Romans 5:3-5; James 1:2-4; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10). So the next time you go through some sort of trial, don't pray, "God get me out of this!" Instead, pray, "God get me through this ... and while you are doing that ... help me to learn whatever it is I need to learn to become more like Jesus!" That's what I will be praying tomorrow (and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday . . . !).

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BTW .... My posts will be a bit fewer ... and a bit further in between than usual after tomorrow. Typing with one hand can tend to be a bit slower than using two!

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