A Change in Wardrobe

Yesterday was my day off. It was also an "errand" day. Leaving the house about 10:45 in the morning, my wife and I were out and about until we arrived home close to 5pm. Our stops included the physical therapist, the bank, Walmart, Cracker Barrel (for a good old-fashioned lunch at a good old-fashioned price), the Mennonite home (where my mother-in-law resides), and Boscovs department store at the mall. All in all it was a very busy and very productive day!

Now our stops at Walmart and Boscov's were somewhat related. I have had to do a wardrobe readjustment these past couple of weeks. With first a cast and now a brace on my left arm, I have had to alter some t-shirts and sweatshirts to be able to get them on. So the stop at Walmart was to buy an extra large fleece (one which I could more easily pull over my brace) so I could stay warm in these cooler October temperatures. The Boscov stop, enabled me to pick up some very affordable T-shirts and sweatshirts to replace the altered ones that will eventually be used as cleaning rags.

As I reflected on this, I got to thinking about the wardrobe change the New Testament calls for. Several times we are told to "put off" and "put on." Specifically we are to work at putting off all that characterized our old life prior to our faith commitment to Jesus Christ. Then, we are to put on all that should mark our new life in Christ (Romans 13:11-13; Ephesians 4:21-23; Colossians 3:8-10).

What is something from your old life (think "before Christ") that you can put off today? Perhaps it might be a gossipy word about someone? Or a lustful glare? Or an unforgiving attitude toward someone who has wronged you? But whatever it may be, God calls you to put it off. And in its place put on a word, deed, attitude, motive… that will honor Jesus Christ! Only then will you be dressed in a way that will reflect positively on the gospel (Philippians 1:27)!

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