Friday Coffee with PJ

It's Friday ... that means some random thoughts you can "dunk" in your favorite cup of coffee as you say "goodbye" to the work week ... and "hello" to the weekend (unless you work weekends, as I do!).

1. I have been struck this week at just how "green" everything is becoming. After a long and bitterly cold winter (that was reluctant to loosen up its grip!), it sure is great to look around at all of the new growth (even if that means back to cutting the lawn!). Of course, even as spring struggled with its identity crisis, we knew deep down that if we just waited long enough, warm breezes and blooming flowers would eventually arrive! And we have not been disappointed. As I thought about this, I thought about the return of Christ. It's been some 2000 years now since Jesus said, "Surely, I am coming soon" (Revelation 22:20). But even though the wait has been long (for us, not for God - see 2 Peter 3:8), we can be assured that just as we waited for spring to arrive ... so, too, if we wait long enough, Jesus will come again! Afterall, he is a promise keeper! When he comes, will he find us faithful to Him and His cause?

2. Yesterday I had to get my portable air compressor out to add some air to two tires on our van and to inflate two tires on one of our little kid bicycles. Underinflated tires on a vehicle really cuts down on gas mileage ... and non inflated tires on a bicycle makes it unrideable ... thus making it necessary to put the air compressor to work. What can we do, though, when its not tires that are in need of inflating, but our hearts? When I find myself "down" (and yes, I do get down), I preach the gospel to myself. By that I mean I remind myself of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But to truly appreciate this good news, we must first understand the really, really bad news about our fallen humanity. Simply put, we are born into this world as rebels. We are God's enemies (Romans 5:10), intent on going our way vs. God's way (Isaiah 53:6). As such we are dead in our sins and destined to face God's wrath (Ephesians 2:1-4). But God loves us IN SPITE OF who we are. And out of his great love, he showers us with his grace and mercy. The result being the condemnation that we deserve was taken by Christ. On the cross he paid the penalty for our sin ... a penalty that we in no way could every hope to pay. As a result, when we by faith alone trust in Christ alone to save us from our sin ... he saves us gloriously! So when I feel down, I remind myself of what God has done for me in the gospel of his son. It never fails to inflate my soul!

3. Finally on a more personal note, a request. Today my son is undergoing surgery for his diverticulitis. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for him ... for the surgery and his subsequent recovery. Please pray for his wife and their two young daughters. Your prayers are much appreciated! For where our prayers focus, God's power falls (2 Corinthians 2:11)!

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