Friday Coffee with PJ

It's Friday ... that means another invitation from me to you to pour yourself a cup of your favorite java ... and join me for a couple of random thoughts.

1. The amount of rain that has fallen upon Texas and Oklahoma recently is down right unreal. Regrettably with it has come the loss of both property and lives. Yesterday morning I tried to put myself in the shoes of those who have suffered loss due to the flooding. I failed. I just could not imagine losing my home, my car and even worst case scenario, a loved one(s). My failure compelled me to do two things: pray for those who are suffering and thank God for his gracious protection of me and my family. I encourage you ... whenever you hear of human suffering ... to do the same. Pray for those facing huge needs and thank God that he has met yours!

2. Our three year old granddaughter, Molly, has taken to the tactic of explaining to my wife her disappointment when Grammy says "No" to one of her requests. Here are some of her lines: "Gwammy, because you said no I am vewwy sad."  "Gwammy, you said no and I am mad!"  "Gwammy, cause you said no I am gowing to pull my haiw out!" (To the latter, my wife simply said, "Wow! That sure will hurt!"). Now I am sure none of this surprises you. Kids are always asking for things that just aren't good for them. And they take to expressing their "disappointment" in a variety of ways ... many of which are designed to manipulate the adult into giving in to their request. Hmm ... often we do the same with our Heavenly Father, yes? We ask him for things that we think we need or that we simply want, and he, being the wise and compassionate Father that he is, says "No" (and we pout and complain as a result!). You see, when we ask for whatever ... we do with limited knowledge. We are mere children. He, however, is infinitely wise (Romans 11:33-36). Therefore, he knows that often what we ask for is NOT in our best interest. As a result, he does not answer our request in the way we would like for him to do. SOOOO ... all this to say, "FATHER KNOWS BEST!" We must acknowledge this and then trust him to always do what is best FOR HIS GLORY AND OUR GOOD!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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