Start and End Your Days with Praise!

This year I set a goal to read through the Bible, starting in Genesis in January and ending (I trust) in Revelation in December. Yesterday I found myself reading in the latter chapters of 1 Chronicles. In Chapter 23, King David outlines detailed instructions for the Levites and priests as they carried out their service in the Temple that David's son, Solomon was to build once he succeeded David as Israel's king. Among these instructions is a rather fascinating task that the Levites are assigned. In v. 30, the Levites are told that "they were also to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD. They were to do the same in the evening."

When I read those words, it struck me that thanking and praising the LORD would be a great way for me ... and for all of us ... to begin and end our days. For starters, it reminds us that God (not us or anyone else) is in control of our circumstances. He is the source of our blessings, so it is appropriate to praise and thank him. In addition, by beginning and ending each day with thanksgiving and praise, we will be more prone to being positive people - rather than a griping and complaining people - as we focus on the goodness of God and the greatness of his person!

So ... why not try a little experiment? For the upcoming month of May, begin and end your day with giving thanks and praise to God. Even if its just a moment or two -- I think you will be a far better person for it!

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