Do You "Own" Things - Or Do Things Own YOU?

I was very relieved when I saw the recent list (put out by CCC Information Services of Chicago, an industry group that tracks theft and vehicle damage) of the top 25 automobile models that are targeted by thieves. Why was I relieved? Because neither of our two cars (a PT Cruiser and a Nissan Sentra) were on the list! But if you own a model of the Acura Integra you had better take extra anti-theft precautions. Six of the top 10 most-stolen cars were models of the the Integra!

Now what does this say about our society that there is an actual industry group that makes money tracking car thefts? For one thing, it shows that many give no regard whatsoever to the Eighth Commandment, "You shall not steal." But why do people steal? For some it might be a matter of personal preservation. They are so desperate to provide for their families, they see stealing as their only (or best) shot at doing so. Others steal to fund an expensive drug habit. Others steal for the thrill of it - the rush that comes from doing so and getting away with it. But I believe the reason most people steal is because they have do not have the right perspective on material things. They believe that if they had something that they currently do not (like an Acura Integra) - they would find the satisfaction that they are seeking.

Now there is nothing wrong with "owning*" things - but when things begin to own you - you need a change in perspective. God gives us "creature comforts" to enjoy (see 1 Timothy 4:3-4 and 1 Timothy 6:17). But he forbids us from reaching out and taking from someone else what he has given to them.

So - are you content with what God has given you? Is your attitude one in which you "own*" things - or do your things own you?

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*We "own" knowing that everything we have really belongs to God and is simply "on loan" from Him!

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