Pass the SPAM, Please?

As fuel prices rise, people are making a number of changes. For one, they are driving less. Gas sales in the U.S. have been in decline in recent weeks and urban centers around the country are reporting a significant upswing in the number of people using mass transit. In addition, Americans are switching from gas guzzling SUV's to smaller, more fuel efficient cars. But all of this is not surprising. But what might surprise you is that SPAM is on the increase. Now I am not talking about the cyberspace version of junk mail - but rather the mystery meat product put out by the Hormel Food Corporation.

Hormel recently reported that the sale of SPAM is up some 14% over the last year. That surprises me. I don't know about you, but I have a lot of questions about SPAM. Like, for starters, what exactly is it? Some say the word SPAM stands for "Something Posing As Meat." OK. I think I'll buy that (the explanation for the meaning of the name that is - certainly not the product itself!). I think the name originally came from picking out the first two and the last two letters from the description of the product (being "SPiced hAM."). Of course, it may have started out as spiced ham ... but now you can get a variety of SPAM, including "SPAM Classic," "SPAM Oven Roasted Turkey," SPAM Hot and Spicy," "SPAM with Bacon," "SPAM Lite" and "SPAM Golden Honey Grail." And did you know that SPAM is so popular in Hawaii that the MacDonald's and Burger King franchises there offer it as a menu item right along with their Big Macs and Whoppers!

Now I don't think we will be seeing SPAM on the menu at the MacDonald's next door to the church facility anytime soon. But if you are like many trying to stretch your food dollars, you may very well find yourself bringing home one or two cans of SPAM. My wife has not done so (at least not yet!). And if she did - I would eat it (OK, I am going to get transparent here -- I actually enjoy the stuff - that is if I don't take the time to start thinking about just what it is that I might be eating!).

SPAM is one of those things that people like to joke about (GI's in WW II referred to the SPAM they were given to eat as "ham that didn't pass its physical" and "meatloaf without basic training.") And it does appear to be one of those things in life that you either love it or hate it! It seems that very few people are "lukewarm" about their take on SPAM.

However, when it comes to living out the Christian Faith, my observation is that there are far too many Christians who are "lukewarm" about their faith. These believers are very casual about their approach to living out their faith. If you look at these Christ followers, it may prove difficult to see just who it is they are following!

How about YOU? Are you casual about your faith? Lukewarm about your relationship to Jesus Christ? Or when it comes to loving God, loving others, and impacting our world for the King are you passionate? Enthusiastic? Prepared to give your ALL? Give it some thought. Jesus deserves nothing less than all that we have and all that we are!

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Anne said...

I look forward to hearing you preach again. :)

Pastor John said...

Thanks Anne! Looking forward to seeing you in August!

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