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Yesterday I wrote about the "hypermilers" and how they try to squeeze every last mile out of a gallon of gasoline. Late yesterday afternoon I drove my wife down to North East Maryland for a special sea food dinner (it was her birthday). After dinner we drove to Sandy Cove Bible Conference to walk and sit and enjoy the beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay. All in all we had a delightful time.
Now since I drove a total of 90 miles round trip, I had the opportunity to apply some of the tips of the hypermilers. And given that my car is equipped with a gauge that tells me how I am doing gas mileage-wise, I was set to test what I had read. The car I was driving was a 2006 Nissan Sentra. The best mileage I had been able to achieve to date (and we have had the car for one year) was about 36 miles to the gallon. Last night, when it was all said and done -- are you ready? -- I had achieved an astounding 43.7 miles to the gallon! So how did I do it? What tips did I apply? For starters, I used a light foot (not going over the speed limit, coasting down hills ... going a little slower up hills), avoided jack rabbit starts and stops and not running the A/C. In view of these results and the high gas prices at the pump, though I do not plan to join the full ranks of the hypermilers, I do plan to become a "quasi hypermiler!"

So in taking the information and applying it - I found that it works! It is the same with the Bible! When we take the information that God gives to us in its pages - info about life and how we are to order it in HIS presence and then apply this info to where we live we live - we will discover (as I discovered with the info from the hypermilers) that it (the truth of God's Word) works!!! And this should not surprise us. For the Bible is given to us by the Designer, the Creator and the Sustainer of life!

So...the next time you open the Bible (which I surely hope will be TODAY!) ... remember that the Bible is not given for merely your information -- but your transformation. God wants you to take what you read and apply it to where you live!

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