Reflections of the Father of the Bride (part 1)

In just five days (God willing!), I will be walking my youngest daughter down the aisle to give her away to her soon-to-be husband. It seems like just yesterday that Kate was just taking her first steps! Where has the time gone?

Earlier this morning, I showed Kate my copy of the wedding ceremony (what a great privilege to be able to officiate the ceremony and walk Kate and Ryan through their vows to one another!). Her response was to jump up and down with excitement as she exclaimed, "Only five more days!" My response? Sweaty eyes! But I guess I'll experience more than that by the time this week is over!

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Leslee said…
Hey, PJ, we're praying for all the Smiths. I know the wedding will be a beautiful, God honoring celebration.
From Pat, Leslee & Alex
Pastor John said…
Thanks so much, Leslee ... after months of planning and talking and talking and planning - I cannot beleive the day is almost here! Wow! Thanks for your prayers!


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