A Dentist, a Drill and Our God-Given Shape

I just got back from one of my favorite places in all the world . . . and I am not talking about Starbucks! First
thing this morning I had a dentist appointment to fill a cavity. Yea! I just love getting shot up with Novocain so that I have molasses lips for the next couple of hours. And the high pitched sound of the drill ... man that makes my heart soar! And not in a good way!

Now as much as I hate going to the dentist ... I go. Faithfully (well, probably not as faithfully as I should, but then again, who's perfect?). And I go because I know its in my best interest to do so (one look at those denture commercials makes my teeth shudder!). Now that its all done, I must admit it was not all that bad an experience. But at the same time, I am glad that, God willing, my next trip to the dentist won't be until next year!

All that said, I do have a great respect for my dentist (and his entire staff). I cannot imagine working 8 hours a day, five days a week sticking my fingers into the mouths of complete strangers. Yuck. No way! But at the same time I am glad that he and his staff don't mind doing so. Someone has to do it. This can be said about any vocation. People have often said to me, "I sure would not want to do what you do." When that occurs, I simply smile and reassure them that I really love what God has called me to do!

God shapes all of us differently (Ephesians 2:10). He gives us all differing gifts, abilities, passions and experiences. Our responsibility and joy is to use our God-given shape for HIS honor and glory. As we do so, he works through us to advance HIS kingdom! SO . . . how about YOU? Are you using your God-given shape to further HIS agenda?

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